Off to a running start… :)

Hi everybody. Well I finally took the dive into the binary fray of the Blog-O-sphere and here it is. A blog about my passion "Gamedevelopment".

In the times to come I will be creating a site with tutorials meant for beginners to get up-and-running, while posting API ideas,tools, etc. of my own creation.

Looking very much forward to getting started, sharing and reading your feedback.

- Jakob "XnaFan" Lund Krarup

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2 Responses to “Off to a running start… :)”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Hi Jake
    Nice to see you new site getting real... There was also wiki frameworks at savage 😉 what do you say about the name

    Take care

  2. Jan Eliasen Says:


    This sounds very promising. I will be expecting to be a totally hardcode XNA programmer after your first 10 blog posts.

    Good luck with the blog...


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