Chasing Dots – Our contribution to Global Game Jam 2010

This is the game we created at the Nordic Game Jam 2010.
Finally ... after liters of chocolate milk, coffee and chocolate.
After playtesting, debugging, playtesting, debugging.... etc for 48 hours - we finally have a playable version out.
The theme for this years Game Jam was "Deception" and there was a constraint saying that you had to have a DonKEY, a MonKEY or a KEY in your game.

We chose to make a little player-vs-player maze game. The hunter (black) is faster than the hunted (white) but the hunted can spawn clones of himself.
The KEY is used to unlock the teleports (red squares).

We are considering selling the game on Xbox Live Marketplace, but let's see :)

Here's a demo of the game - have fun and let me know what you think.
You will probably need to install the XNA 3.1 framework redistributable first, if you don't already develop XNA games.

Project Manager/Music
Lars Nysom

Rasmus Lønne

Malte Baden Hansen
Jesper Eiby
Jakob Lund Krarup

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4 Responses to “Chasing Dots – Our contribution to Global Game Jam 2010”

  1. Kadajett Says:

    Nice game, I like the idea a lot for a fast addictive game. Nice job. I fixed the pictures on my site by the way. Thanks for informing me.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks! :)

    We've got a few ideas to add for the xbox version, and we're working on singleplayer mode with graduated AI.
    Hope it'll be fun to play :)

  3. Kadajett Says:

    Well when you start to distribute for the xbox, count me in as a buyer. I would love to do an indie game review for my site.

  4. admin Says:

    Great - will remember that.
    I haven't converted a windowsgame to xbox before, but just got my xbox up and running yesterday. So before too long ..... :)

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