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Nordic Game Jam this weekend – yay! :)

This weekend a buddy of mine and I are driving to Copenhagen to participate in Nordic Game Jam.
The sign-up closed at 260 participants, that will be my biggest jam yet :).
For those of you who haven't participated in a Game Jam yet - DO IT!
Here's a short excerpt from the NGJ webpage about why you should try it. It sums it up pretty well:

But why participate in a game jam? And why go through 48 hours of: very little sleep, hard work, great ideas, crunching, problem solving & technical issues? Because a game jam encourages innovation and experimentation. It is one of the vehicles behind the new generation of game developers that can experiment with platforms and game ideas in an intense and yet still informal atmosphere. This is the space where the new generation of talents can be found.

If you urge to create a game, collaborate and meet other game developers - then Nordic Game Jam is the perfect place for you. As a participant at the Nordic Game Jam you will be part of a global event of creativity and fun.

The Nordic Game Jam 2010 will follow the same format like previous years, as an event where students, hobbyists and professional game developers, meet up for a weekend to develop and experiment with new and innovative game ideas.

My version of the 10 second pitch sounds like this:
"It's an excellent chance to pick up new skills and friends while doing what you like best - code XNA ;-)."

Nordic Game Jam will be opened by Carina Christensen, Danish Minister of Culture - which I think is a proper recognition for the role games play in the development of a common culture.
But more importantly: Peter Molyneux, yes THE Peter "Populous-DungeonKeeper-Black and White" Molyneux will be doing the Keynote speech.
To me Peter is synonymous with Artificial Intelligence. Like no other he made me believe that the characters you saw on the screen had a life of their own, even after turning off the PC :)

Can hardly wait!


4 Responses to “Nordic Game Jam this weekend – yay! :)”

  1. Malte Baden Hansen Says:

    Jesper said it :)

    Unfortunately we will probably miss some of the first keynotes.

  2. Jesper Eiby Says:


    My friend and I both went to your AANUG meeting, and we both got hooked on the NGJ.
    So we will be joining it aswell.

    We're taking the plane from Aalborg to Copenhagen, which leaves at 12:45 so we'll arrive 13:35, and then take the Subway/Metro. I think we'll be there around 14:00 which is just as the first part of the Program starts.

    But I hope to see you there, and good luck with your games (:

  3. Malte Baden Hansen Says:

    That makes absolutely no sense at all...
    My friend Jesper was supposed to write a comment saying something like

    "Me and a friend are both attending nordic game jam as well, and we both got hooked on the event at the AANUG meeting you presented about XNA, back in december."

    And then i would write ... the above..
    It got all mixed up.. Never mind

    If we somehow manages not to meet each other at the event, have a nice one :)

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Malte and Jesper :)

    Well let's meet up over there. You only had to learn one new face that evening in December I had to learn 20+, so I hope you will grab a hold of me when you see me.
    Maybe we could do something together?

    In any case - "Have a GREAT jam!" :)

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